1. Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
Yes, you need to bring your own mat. Check out our website for mat recommendations. 


2. How much in advance shall I come to the class?
Make sure to come 10min before the class starts. Some locations require an access card and if you are late and the class has started already, no one can get you in.  Please wear your sport outfit already, when you come there. There are some toilets available in most locations. Please don't come more than 15 min in advance, because there might be a previous yoga class going on.


3. I need to cancel. What can I do? Can I use my credit for another class?
According to  § 312 b Abs. 3 Nr. 6  there is no refund for purchased tickets.
It is not allowed to use the credit for another day.


4. Can I do yoga if I have a medical condition or if I am pregnant?
Please consult  with your doctor first. Yoga has a lot of positive effects that are beneficial for your health and can help if you suffer from tight muscles. However it is not recommended that you join the classes if you are pregnant. Please attend special yoga prenatal classes in this case. With the purchase of your ticket you accept the Liability Waiver Agreement.

5. How to get informed about your yoga classes?
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram . We also announce all classes on www.Meetup.com and we run a local Facebook group for each city.

6. Can I show up if I am a beginner or a man?
Yes, your teacher will show you adjustments for every pose to adapt it to your level. Men are always welcome, too of course.

7. My class was cancelled by English Yoga Meetup - what can I do?
English Yoga Meetup will contact you to discuss refund possibilities.

8. Can I pay cash at place?
Unfortunately no. All classes have to be booked online. We accept credit card, Google Pay, PayPal and Apple Pay.


9. I have received a voucher to bring a friend for free. How can I redeem it?
Go to the website www.englishyogameetup.com . Choose a class, order two tickets. Choose your payment option and follow the instructions. In the last step you will asked for the voucher. Enter the code and check that one class is detracted from the total amount.


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