Svaira Yoga Studio Corona Guidelines


For your safety, we kindly invite you to read and follow our Corona Hygiene Rules at Svaira Yoga

  1. Please put on a mask before entering the studio. It must be worn throughout the studio, up to arriving at you own mat, where it can be removed.
  2. We have disinfectant ready for you to user on your hands at the entrance immediately. Please use it.
  3. Don't be angry if we don't hug you or shake your hand! You are warmly welcome as always and we’re hugging you in our minds😊


Changing room / Aisle

  1. The changing rooms may be used again! Please do not stay in the changing room for an unnecessarily long time. You can also change in the yoga room or briefly (!) in the toilet
  2. We are not allowed to offer drinks at the moment. There will be no tea for now. If someone needs water urgently, please wash your glass with soap and hot water. (Unfortunately, the hot water tap is on the other side than usual)... If there is something to discuss, you can do it in the yoga room, the windows are already open and the distance can be kept.


  1. Please use the kitchen roll to dry your hands. The shower cannot be used.

In the yoga room

  1. There is room for a maximum of 6 mats and it is preferable that you use your own mat. Which should also be disinfected regularly. The studio mats can still be used and should be cleaned with a new extra disinfection spray. We change the cleaning rags every week, but you don't have to use them, and you can just spray the mat. There are clips in the form of succulents (small plastic plant clips, you will see immediately), please mark all used mats with such a clip, so that they are not used again right away.
  2. We can have two mats in each segment of the studio, at least 1.5 m distance between them. This means that a maximum of 6 people can be accommodated in the room. As a teacher, I will place my mat under the first arch in the room and make sure distance is kept between all yogis and myself.
  3. There is also a disinfectant gel for the hands in the middle of the room, which you can also use before and after the lesson.
  4. The mask should be taken off next to the mat and put on again immediately after the lesson.
  5. If you have eye pillows, bring them with you (we are not using the ones from the studio at the moment). If props are used, they must be thoroughly disinfected afterwards. If possible, bring your own equipment.

Yoga classes

  1. Ventilation: We have many possibilities to let fresh air in, four windows, one door, the curtain to the changing room.
  2. 2. Assists: No physical assists for now. I will make sure to give you queues directly if you need to adjust your posture.


We take care of regular disinfection and cleaning of the room, door handles etc.

Together we can have a lovely and safe practice during these tough times!


Im looking forward to seeing you!