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UBUD Travel & Outdoor Yoga Mat

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"UBUD" is inspired by the waves and the green lush rice terraces as seen in Ubud in Indonesia. Bring Bali vibes to your practice! The design is painted by the Frankfurt based artist Solveig, who is the founder of English Yoga Meetup. 

Introducing our eco-friendly yoga mat, made from recycled materials and featuring an artistic design inspired by a painting. This mat is the perfect accessory for any yogi who wants to practice in style and in harmony with the environment. Crafted from recycled rubber and plastic, this mat provides excellent grip and support for your yoga practice, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Not only is this yoga mat environmentally friendly and artistic, it's also foldable. The textured surface of the mat ensures a secure grip, even during the most challenging poses, while the firm cushioning provides stability and support for your joints. The unique design, inspired by an art painting, adds a touch of elegance and creativity to your practice. And, when you're done, simply fold it up like a towel and store it away!

This mat is designed to provide a solid and supportive base for your practice, without the added bulk of excessive cushioning. This makes it a great choice for yogis who prioritize stability and grounding in their practice, and who want the convenience of a foldable mat for on-the-go practice.

This recycled yoga mat is a great choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the planet while also improving their yoga practice. With its non-slip surface, firm cushioning, eco-friendly materials, artistic design, and foldable feature, this mat is the perfect choice for yogis of all levels who want to practice in an environmentally friendly, creative, and convenient way.


Non-slip base: dense natural tree rubber

Soft top: Microfiber made of recycled plastic

For extra grip spray some water on the mat or hands / feet

Latex free, PVC free

Foldable and rollable like a towel

Perfect for outdoors & travel

Non-toxic & vegan

Please note: The first image is a guide only, that is used for our print file to the manufacturer. Please carefully look at the product images that follow to get a true representation of the colours on the yoga mat.

Dimensions & Weight

61 width x 180 cm length

2 mm thin

1.3kg light-weight

Care information

Wshable in the mahcine at 30 degrees without detergent; no tumble-dry

Air dry only

Keep away from long hours in the sun